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10 Must-Visit Rave Destinations – Techno

shoresh | January 28, 2020

For many techno fans, Ibiza is not a rave heaven. From Russia to South America, these are the most booming cities and music scenes in the world right now.

10. Tel Aviv, Israel

Although it may have its troubles, Tel Aviv is, in fact, one of the most party-friendly, progressive cities in the middle east. Israel is home to huge dance music acts like Infected Mushroom, Borgore and Guy Gerber, so it’s obviously a breeding ground for club music, and just this January the city announced a three-day, four-night dance music conference. A party city on the rise. 
Where you should go: 
The Block

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the country of gabber and the happiest of hardcore, sits a little city on a canal that really likes to party. It has exported the likes of techno legends Tiësto and Armin van Buuren, and throughout its very own winding streets are clubs that don’t open until midnight or close until 6am. If that’s still to early for your hard-partying soul, there’s always the after-hours spots that go until at least noon. You can’t even really find that in the “city that never sleeps.”
Where you should go: Trouw

8. Barcelona, Spain

Another beach getaway with gorgeous locals that never seem to sleep and an endless stream of the biggest DJs in the world. Plus, the city itself is incredibly beautiful with much of it designed by the famous architect Gaudí, so you never have to stop shouting about how much you love everything. Some hot spots are Apolo and Razzmatazz that get started around 1am. The afterhours bars open up the minute the sun comes up so you’ll never have to feel alone again.
Where you should go: Razzmatazz

7. London, United Kingdom

Everything is cooler in the UK, and the London nightlife scene is where it all comes together. Basically everything dance music-related happens here first (after it gets imported from the US). There’s the glitterati in West London, the grittier Camden and it’s the birthplace of grime. Basically, London comes up with new forms of dance music faster and more often than us Americans can buy a ticket to the next music festival.
Where you should go: Plastic People or Fabric

6. Berlin, Germany

The European haven that has been inspiring artists and techno lovers to move across the world for years. We’ve got one word for you: Berghain. Go there and the rest of your dance music loving life will never be the same. The legend lives on. Other clubs like Watergate offer more intimate experiences that are still top-notch, but they’re best for trips where you have more than one night (or day). The best clubbing in Berlin starts at 9am on a Sunday morning.
Where you should go: Berghain


Written by shoresh


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