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ĂVEM – Nuages (Dandara Remix)

Heimlich Musik | September 14, 2017
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After two highly acclaimed compilations featuring great international artists, the Austrian ‚downtempo’ label Heimlich Musik releases the first official EP by Basel-based Boris Muscheidt alias ĂVEM. The 20-year old newcomer proved his talent as an electronic music producer on his very own label LOKD. Additional releases on Cosmic Awakenings or Casa Caos have been well received within the community. His debut EP on Heimlich Musik – called ‘Nuages’ – is packed with two originals and four remixes by Bernstein, Oberst & Buchner, Arutani and Dandara. The title track ‘Nuages’ – french for ‘clouds’ – features spoken words by Victor Hugo ‘on vit, on parle’, who is an inspiration for ĂVEM. The speech serves, according to Boris, to show creativity and melancholia at the same time. The deep rolling bassline is accompanied with celestial pads and dark, melancholic melodies. This melodically rich track serves as a powerful soundtrack for rainy autumn days. Vienna based Oberst & Buchner used many elements of the original in their remix. By adding guitars, a 303-like-acid-appreciatorsynth, percussions and pads they found a way to add colour and energy with a fluid, intergalactic mixture of synths and organic parts. Dandara’s version of ‘Nuages’ takes on a deeper but also more minimalistic approach to the original. The drums, percussions and pads are more groove-oriented. Combined with Victor Hugo’s speech it merges to swell in a symphonic ride. ‘Nyx’, named after the Greek goddess of the night, the second original by ĂVEM is even darker. The baseline feels like diving into a deep dark abyss in the ocean. The song gets lightened up by high synth notes flowing with a LFO and percussive tinkles that seem to reflect rays of light. Power and intensity is formed by the suspense of the composition. Bernstein’s interpretation is accelerated by about 10 BPM. The dark atmosphere of the original yields a huge panorama, shimmering synths and delayed percussions, which shine bright like a water surface mirroring sunlight. Twinkling sounds and warm synths create a fresh, vivid feeling. Arutani’s Super Mario remix is a beat-based version mixed with a hammering, yet jumping bassline. The remix is packed with harmonic and dissonant sound effects; one of them is the sound of Super Mario jumping. All in all, the EP offers an interpretation of what a dark autumn or winter night sounds like. It is the perfect soundtrack for this time of the year.

Mastering: Ken Hayakawa Music
Artwork: Vakat



Oberst & Buchner [ @buchneroberst ]
Oliver Rottmann [ @oliverrottmann ]
Späk [ @spak ]
leschueft [ @leschueft ]
Sarah-Mo [ @heimlichsarahmo ]
m ë x [ @meaex ]
Tanz Franz [ @tanzfranz ]


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