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Witchtape #37 | Guest Wizz : Luc(k)

Hekske ❋ The House Witchtapes | January 12, 2019
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Witchtape #37 | Guest Wizz : Luc(k)

(Story continued from Witchtape #25)
Winter had fallen in the witch’s forest and the days were at its darkest. Many animals were hibernating in safe places in trees or under the ground, and the woods had gone quiet. And the remaining animals were all preserving their energy during these dark, drizzly days. Even for the little witch, the days were getting a bit boring. The only times her heart started to beat a bit faster were the moments she was thinking back about the first encounter with her wizard, now eight months ago. After that short, but passionate first encounter he had left for a long trip to his ancestral grounds in Africa. This may seem strange, but actually that’s the way witches and wizards tie up, forming lifelong alliances and being totally faithful to each other, while at the same time seeing each other rarely, as wizards are nomadic beings while witches dedicate themselves fully to one single forest. So a separation of 8 months is nothing unusual and the witch wasn’t the least bit worried. Yet every day, when doing her inspection round around her forest, she always made sure she passed by the Southern edge of the forest, peering at the horizon to get a first glimpse of her returning lover. And so it went, day after day, while the seasons passed in the ever-changing forest until one morning in mid-winter. Finally snow had fallen, and the forest looked even more magic than usual. The witch found her energy back and started very early with her daily inspection round, as always accompanied by her trusted shepherd dog. Also the animals of the forest – who had all become quite listless and lethargic during the previous weeks – came back to life and started to run around and frolic with each other in the snow. The witch also joined in, and soon she was rolling in the snow, playing with her dog and with a family of rabbits. She laughed and giggled merrily, and soon more animals joined in the spontaneous outburst of pure joy. After a while, they all became a bit tired and the girl was lying down in the fresh snow, catching her breath. While all the sounds calmed down, the witch noticed that the forest was unusually quiet. And she realized this could only mean one thing. Her heart started to throb and she jumped up from excitement. And after meticulously combing her hair (which was in a real mess after all that frolicking) she ran as fast as she could to the Southern edge of the forest…

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Art project of Hekske (‘Little Witch’ in my native Flemish language).
Witches are the guardians of the forests. We’re not evil or dark, just a bit shy. And even surprisingly sweet and kind… as long as you respect the forest.

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